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German Dagger REFERENCE
The German's issued or awarded a German dagger for every branch of the military (Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kreigsmarine) and most elements of the NSDAP (Nazi) organization.

REFERENCE: Below is a reference you can use to identify your german dagger by type.

German Army DaggerLuftwaffe Dagger, 2nd PatternSA Service Dagger
SA Honor DaggerSA Feldhernhalle DaggerNSKK DaggerNSKK Dagger, Chained
NSKK High Leader DaggerNazi SS Dagger with ChainSS Honor DaggerSea Customs DaggerLand Customs Dagger
Hitler Youth KnifeHitler Youth Leader's DaggerPostal Protection (Postschutz) DaggerLabor Corps (RAD) Enlisted Hewer
Red Cross NCO HewerNazi Red Cross Officer DaggerGovernment Official's DaggerRLB Officer Dagger, 2nd ModelRLB NCO Dagger
Railway Protection (Bahnschutz) DaggerTeNo DaggerTeno NCO Hewer

SS Dagger, SA Dagger, Heer Dagger, Luftwaffe Dagger, Kriegsmarine Dagger, Government Official Dagger and more at Craig Gottlieb Militaria.