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Craig Gottlieb Militaria
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Bahnschutz (Railway) Polizei Officer Dagger, Hangers and Knot, Horster #3472
Mint condition example by Horster, featuring typical Horster design.  Dagger is 99% mint, with no detractions worth..
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Damascus Hunting Dagger with Silver Fittings #6685
This is a beautiful Damascus Hirschfanger that would have been carried by a wealthy hunter.  Fittings appear to be solid silver..
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Deluxe Hunting Association Dagger, Gem Quality #4817
This is as MINT as you can find on this rare Deluxe Hunting dagger.  Manufactured exclusively by Eickhorn, this particular example..
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Government Official, Eickhorn #3483
Government Official by Eickhorn.  This dagger features a tremendous amount of factory protective lacquer remaining on..
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Hitler Jugend (HJ) Knife, Horster #5015
Nearly flawless example produced by the firm of E.F. Horster.  RZM code for the company (M 7/36) appears on the ricasso area of the..
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HJ Leader Dagger, Hangers #6522
Well-preserved specimen of a scarce dagger type.  This is the Hitler Youth Leader dagger.  Near flawless plated blade features..
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Luftwaffe Dagger 1st Pattern, Eickhorn #3841
An early Eickhorn Luftwaffe dagger with the rare small-oval trademark.  Dagger retains 90% of the original factory lacqueur over 100%..
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Luftwaffe Dagger with Damascus Blade #4395
This is a stunning piece, fresh out of the woodwork from the Dallas area.  It's one of those few cases where you see an unmarked..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, Artificial Damascus with Raised Lettering #3392
I acquired this beautiful Luftwaffe dagger directly from the English family of the soldier who returned with it as a war souvenir after..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, Transitional First Model, Unit Marked #3690
This fantastic dagger is one of the very early examples that had a softer-shell leather scabbard upon which were mounted the..
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Presentation HJ Knife and Belt #6070
This outstanding set was sold to me at MAX 2013 this year.  It is an outstanding piece, that came complete with the..
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Railway Water Protection Police #3489
The rarest of all production daggers, and harder to locate than even an SS Honor Dagger, this is the elusive Railway Water..
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SA Birdshead Dagger #4677
As one of the most elusive dagger types produced during the Third Reich period, this style dagger was a product of the Eickhorn..
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SA Dagger, Hugo Linder #4550
A beautiful, untouched early SA dagger by Hugo Linder.  The blade is stunning and displays 100% of its original factory..
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SA Honor Dagger #4594
Beautiful SA Honor Dagger in nearly flawless condition.  Maiden-hair damascus and gilded raised lettering.  This is an..
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SS Dagger by Jacobs, Trademark! #5160
This dagger was originally part of the Bob McCarthy collection, and was purchased by me from Bob about 7 years ago.  I sold it into..
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SS Dagger Gottlieb Hammasfahr #6509
This is a fine example of an SS Service dagger manufactured by Gottlieb Hammasfahr.  Exterior shows little age and hardly any..
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SS Dagger M33, Böker, Numbered #6641
Early vintage SS dagger with later style scabbard that appears to be repainted. The dagger was made by the desirable Böker company with..
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SS Dagger with Etched Presentation Blade #2928
This is an RZM vintage piece, with plated fittings that show uniform wear and age.  only slight lifting and age spots are..
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SS Dagger, Full Rohm Inscription, Identified Officer #6456
Superb quality example of an undervalued and exceedingly rare dagger.  This SS Dagger, produced by Gottlieb Hammasfahr,..
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SS Dagger by Herder #6510
An increasingly rare opportunity to acquire a near flawless SS Dagger by the dagger production firm of Herder (if you look at dealer..
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Luftwaffe Dagger, 2nd Pattern by SMF #6477
This is one of those rare chances to acquire "the best of the best."  This dagger is the most sought-after version of the standard..