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 An unissued SA open claw belt and buckle and an SA cross-strap, complete with leather D ring loops and with the very scarce RZM label still attached.   The pieces are not a matching set (the buckle is silver colored while the cross- strap hardware is gold toned) but they came to me this way so I'm listing them together.  The belt is a size 90 medium brown leather example in excellent condition.  The retaining slide is still in place, and the leather is RZM'd and maker coded with a 1940 date.  The cross-strap is also medium brown leather with gilt early fittings by Assmann.  The triangular label wrapped around the strap and is riveted together, so it cannot be removed and reattached.  SA belts and cross-straps are very tough to find on the market when you need them, and you would be hard pressed to find a better pair!

SA Leather Belt, Cross Strap, and Riveted RZM Tag#4508

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