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Rarely do I offer a reproduction for sale.  However, this piece merits special mention.  It is the finest quality reproduction Feldhernhalle I have encountered, and is likely one of the earliet Atwood reproductions.  The blade on this example is 100% original, as is the lower crossguard.  Upper crossguard and scabbard are very old reproductions - a mix typical of Atwood daggers (when he ran out of original parts, he manufactured replacements, something he actually advertised).  The finish on this piece is the same finish found on the original daggers.  Please note: this scabbard does not exhibit the casting flaws that if present, would make this piece virtually undetectable as a reproduction.  This piece will remain in my gallery when sold, so that its identity can be publically preserved.  If you've got an original FHH with a rusted blade, this would be a perfect buy for you.  Grip is dark plastic/bakelite, and shows a couple of chips.  I've seen reproductions of this model that are far inferior with respect to quality and finish sell for $5000 and up.  Get this one while you can.

Feldherrnhalle Presentation Dagger, Museum Quality Copy#3722

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