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It is my privilege to offer this wonderful specimen - the pinnacle of blade collecting, with better than 95% of the original gold finish to the letters.

Maidenhair damascus is beautifully formed, and is void of rust or damage.  Fittings are all solid silver, to include the grip eagle.  Leather is original, and shows the correct fine grain.  I have owned five of these.  The first came from the Sterling Gambino collection, and was originally owned by Tom Johnson and Barry Brown.  The second was an indirect veteran purchase through noted dealers Jason Burmeister and Brian Maederer.  The third was the well-known SS Honor that surfaced through GDC many years ago in Pennsylvania.  The fourth was the Chained SS Honor that many dealers were contacted about a few years ago.  This, the fifth, hails from a very old collection, and was originally sold by Wolfe and Hardin many years ago.  Of all of the specimens I have owned, this is probably the best conditioned example.   These daggers were produced exclusively by Eickhorn, and were not available for purchase by the general public.  They are all identical with respect to construction, with the exception of one model, which does appear with an oakleaf scabbard instead of the chased-scabbard.

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SS Honor Dagger#3017

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