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Grip actually shows a very interesting aging patter - the center of the grip is slightly darker than the top and bottom, creating quite a nice variation in color - subtle, but preset.  Pommel butt shows some finish loss, and minor wear to the cruciform screw-shaft cover (I say cover because the real bolt that holds the piece together is actually buried beneath this piece).  Square hanger eyelets denote, among collectors, use by the Red Cross versus the Social Welfare service.  Although truth be told, I'm not sure this was ever an intentional difference used to denote an actual dagger-type.  Still, this is the nomenclature we use, so . . . Blade is quite crisp, with VERY little age.  Overall, this dagger is very attractively priced for the person who does not wish to spend 2x this price for a mint example, but still wants a very presentable specimen.  Give it a year of patina, and it'll be astoundingly more exciting!

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Red Cross Officer Dagger#2745

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