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Government Official daggers by Eickhorn are far rarer and more desirable than the Alcoso product, and in my view, far more expertly constructed.  However . . . unlike 99% of ALL Alcoso and Eickhorn Government Official daggers, only the earliest pieces are known to have occasionally been fitted with this type of hardware.  And when you find it, the quality of the fittings throughout the piece are always extraordinary (they were produced when the molds were fresh and crisp).  This dagger retains 100% of the silver to the external fittings, and trace elements of factory protective lacqueur.  Pearl grip plates are perfect.  Blade grades a 95%.  Please note - the flash photographs in this listing make the blade out to appear in FAR worse condition than it is - the blade is an exemplary piece of craftsmanship that has survived the years with almost no signs of age.  Please note that the tip of the scabbard has a tiny bump, which could be removed professionally and without a trace for about $75.00 by sending it to Tom Wittmann's dagger specialist.  I haven't bothered to do it, but it would be an easy thing to do and I can have it taken care of for the new owner if it bothers you that much.  Pommel nut has no marring, retains portions of the factory protective lacqueur.  You will be hard-pressed to upgrade this piece.

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Government Official Dagger, Eickhorn Early Slotted Bolt#2178

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